I have been in Las Vegas since Wednesday, June 17. I return home Monday, June 22. It’s been a fascinating, interesting journey,  yet I struggled a bit the first couple of days.  And that’s okay.

What better place to have struggles than here where I could get the help I needed.  I had a breakthrough–a reset of my thinking, and started getting to work that night. The knowledge I acquired and friends I’ve made all over the world is phenomenal.

The coaching received made the difference–someone looking over my shoulders to make sure I did it correctly. That was so valuable. Questions answered on the spot. It truly made the difference!  Some were helped to get online for the first time, others assistance in Blogging, Face Book, Branding, Traffic, Instagram, Videos, and Voice Broadcasting to name a few.

The training we received left us with NO EXCUSES to get things done.  And that is the name of the working conference, NO EXCUSES 6!  Shoot one could use that in everyday life, now that I think about it!  

This conference/workshop has always been held in Las Vegas  since it’s origin.  If you hop over to my fan page, you will see a few pictures with me and some of the speakers, and especially my mentor Chef Katrina.

If you’re interested, when you click on my offer you’ll see free coaching from me involved.


Pamela Fike                                                                                                                                           P.S.  I’m still in the learning stages, so I’m still not able to add media without it taking an hour.  I say that to show you it’s okay, I’m still moving forward while making progress.


Ignition Coaching: Module 2–Work Less, Live More

Ignition Coaching:  Module 2–Work less, Live More: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle.

Module 2 is full of the fun stuff.  I started putting a plan together to get to my goals FASTER.

Wouldn’t you like a business that you could make money online, from just about anywhere in the World!

I currently do most of my writing at Enchanted Grounds–coffee house and game place–not even a mile from home. Believe it or not, I’m not distracted there, but at home 2 cats like to climb on my computer or want to sit in my lap.  Don’t get much computer work done at home during my days off.  I do want to make money online, so that is where I go .

Any way, getting back to Ignition Coaching.  I’ve learned the importance of setting goals; defining them in detail and making them crystal clear.  Vague goals help to defeat you.  My 5 goals are:

1.  Flying to Central Asia, where my 3 grand kids live and going when I want to–not                         just when I have the money to go.

2.  Send daughter to Ireland–a bit of a story

3.  Get out of Debt

4.  Fire My Boss

5.  Purchase a house–get out of condo!

If you’ve followed my blogging, you’ll notice I moved my goals around.  I needed to have the goal at the top that will motivate me quicker to make money online.  Visiting the GrandKids is the one to motivate me the quickest.

So, once my goals were done.  The staff here has a unique system to calculate how much I need to earn to get to the first goal the quickest.  It has become a fun process.  Oh, my, the stuff I’m learning and being taught by the experts –no other way to do this.

If you get to where you are sick and tired of feeling stuck in your life, like I was, then do something about it, whatever it is, to get unstuck.  I finally did that with                                         Elite Marketing Pro Ignition special.  I had to turn off those inner voices–you know those voices that are negative.  Besides making money online is the way to go!

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Ignition Coaching–My Review

Ignition Coaching –My Review

I’m currently going through the Ignition Coaching Program at Elite Marketing Pro. I will be blogging about each Module. So today I’ll be discussing:

Module 1–The Wealth Multiplier Formula

This is an exciting Module to start off with. The whole purpose of the ignition coaching program is to help brand-new entrepreneurs or others who might have been in the “game” for a while, but haven’t managed to break through to a 6-figure level yet.

Tim Erway is the CEO of Elite Marketing Pro (EMP), which is his creation. Can’t thank him enough for creating it. He makes some very bold promises regarding how much money you will make.  People are making it too. He developed the program through a process over many years by working directly with and coaching 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

We use his process that he calls “wealth hacking.” It’s based around
Pareto’s Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, which states 80% of results or effects come from 20% of the causes.  This is explained inside Module 1.

This Ignition Program is our road map for making more money in less time! This program has worked for countless numbers of average people, just like you and me.

Wealthy entrepreneurs think differently and do things differently. I’m learning a new way of thinking–that is taught in this module.  We’ve all been taught: go to school, get a job, and work towards retirement, and hope we have enough to live on afterward.

I’m watching webinars, asking questions to coaches, paying attention closely, completing all the exercises, taking notes–Oh My do I have tons of notes–they are getting worn out from checking them.!  Oh, the most important thing is TAKING ACTION.  I did have difficulty with that.

I was taking notes, watching training, watched webinars and I didn’t get started Blogging as soon as I could have.  I had so much information in my head and I couldn’t get it out fast enough. On the other hand, there is so much info to learn as a new entreprenuer, that I felt overwhelmed. The reason being I’d never done anything online before–TOTAL NEWBIE!  But that’s different now!

I have to share this last thing:  Now when I learn something, I share it.  That’s why starting this series is important.  While I go through Ignition, I’ll share what I learn.

Thanks for checking out my Blog.  Catch the link below, it takes you to Ignition Coaching Program–no obligation and you’ll be surprised how little it costs!

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What’s inside April, 2015 issue of WWN?

Inside this issue has:  Dr. Bob Clark-More Money, More time

Before I get started sharing what he says, I want to tell you a little about Dr. Bob Clarke.  He makes babies.  He has an infertility clinic in Florida and he is one busy human being.  He’s also working inside Elite Marketing Pro part time, like so many of us.  So Bob’s been where I am, assisting and helping people to start making money, while having a full time position.

In this month’s ASK THE EXPERT session, Dr. Bob Clarke revealed 7 surprisingly simple strategies that will make you more money and explosively  increase your profitability–all without you having to spend another penny or ANY additional time working your business!

This is a hint of Dr. Bob Clarke’s article in the April issue  of WWN.

  • The #1 mistake employees make when becoming entrepreneurs that will sink your             business before you even get started!
  • The 2 questions every “Part Timer” must ask before spending a single minute on their business (if answered wrong you could be wasting your valuable time with nothing to show for it!)
  • A sneaky time “hack” that will double or even triple your profitability without taking any   extra time from your friends, family, or leisure!
  • Why watching training webinars, buying courses, and checking your email can be downright “hazardous” for your business (and he shows what to do instead)

The biggest shortcut to getting paid that most Part Timers totally miss  (if you are building your business part time, you MUST watch Bob’s  presentation if you want to increase your profitability right away!)

This post was to give you a sampling of what Dr Bob’s articles are about.  Each month he assists us by sharing what he has done.  It’s especially helpful for those of us who still have a 40 hour per week JOB, ugh, don’t even like to think about it.  Having Dr Bob,  as someone in our community to get ideas from for even time management.

For myself, I’m still trying to make time to “Blog” EVERY DAY.  But I’m still progressing and taking an extra day off my JOB once in a while to have some extra time to squeeze in more learning, or getting ahead in Blogging.

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Get Out Of My Way?

Get Out Of My Way?

This picture illustrates so many things:

  • Leading
  • Following
  • Team Work
  • Keeping on Track

To have leaders, there must be followers.  In Internet Marketing we work together, helping each other.  Any new contact progresses, like the elephant as it grows.

The same with Internet Marketing, we grow as we learn and put in to practice what we learn.  As for team work, we are all one BIG team assisting each other and going through the Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) website.  Small teams make up the BIG team.

As for keeping on track,  every now and then there are gentle nudges to keep going, whether it’s a webinar, hangout, a Live Event, or a coach!.

So give EMP a try–nothing to lose and an enormous amount to gain.  It’s FREE

Take a look at:

Thanks for checking out my blog, and always here to help.

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Take Action – Just Do It

Take Action – Just Do It

Two nights ago I posted my first blog!  It’s exciting!  Yes, it’s not perfect–needs some more work.  But that is what it’s all about.  Just keep moving forward and as I  get better, which I will.  Yes my punctuation is probably off, but again, taking action is the key.  I’m in the middle of getting better at blogging, which is an important tool. It doesn’t have to be short or long; it is what it is.

I made a list of 5 VIP goals:






But you see, when I was asked what would drive me to go after these goals it wasn’t FIRE MY BOSS.  Yes, I want to quit my job and do this full time, but  I just wasn’t motivated like I am now.

You see I switched TRAVEL TO KZ AND EUROPE to number one.  And why was that?  Sure I want to make enough money to FIRE MY BOSS, but it didn’t grab me–no emotional attachment.  So  when Chef Katrina asked those words: “yes these are your goals, but what is it that will drive you?”

Now you’re probably wondering why would I want number one to be TRAVEL TO KAZAKHSTAN AND EUROPE.  Well, I have a son, daughter in law, and my three grandkids  living there.

I’ve only been able to visit when I could afford to travel there.   It is a beautiful country, from the cities to the villages.  That is what is driving me to move forward.  And I am getting there, slowly but surely.  I’ll be visiting them this year before the cold returns.

Another reason it’s easier to move forward is the assistance we get from the founders, coaches, and communities we have on line.  A posted question in a Google community gets answered by anyone in the communities in Google that has the answer.  There’s no competition, no time limit.  Just get the work done and you’ll get there, like I will.

To Get Started or to Just Check EMP out,  Click on the Link Below–no obligation.

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Make Extra Money – Fire Your Boss and Make More Money for Retirement

Today I’m sharing why I joined Elite Marketing Pro (EMP).  Shortly after joining, I discovered they were  hosting a 60 day Fast Start Challenge.   It was a way to learn their system quickly with all the assistance  you would ever need to get started.

Each week we’ve had a different  “action assignment”:  social media, blogging, creating videos, capture pages, sales funnels, and more.  We also got to learn from the experts here at EMP, which includes our coaches,  Chef Katrina and Chef Doug.

I work 40 hours per week and work on EMP in the evenings and my days off; won’t be doing both forever!  For the present, I wouldn’t trade it for the world–won’t let myself give up.  If life gets in the way, I jump back into it and I just keep pushing myself to keep going.  And I’m finally learning the how to’s.

Being new to this type of business–online, I’ve had a lot to consume and  continue to do so.   Like Chef Katrina says: “It’s a marathon, not race!”. She is so right–took a while to sink in.

Our community in the training has been so helpful; all working towards earning more money for a variety of reasons.  Most of us (153)  still communicate within the community where we can chat and cheer each other on still.

I’ve tried so many offers to make money over the past few years and you know what, those other offers didn’t follow through with their promises and I made ZERO $.

I joined the 60 Day Challenge to:

  •         Finally get a business online and making money
  •         I needed accountability while gaining knowledge!
  •         Replace my income and quit my job
  •         Assist others to  earn extra money for retirement
  •         Assist others  to reach their goals, to make money for the first time online

To get started or just check EMP out, click on the link below–no obligation:

Elite Marketing Pro

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