Welcome to my Blog!
Welcome to my Blog! I’m Pamela Fike and Welcome to my Blog!


Single–look young for my age; thanks mom for the great genes.

Mother of 3 adults: 2 sons and one lovely daughter and also a lovely daughter-in-law

Grandmother of 3: Blake ,Hailey, and Malika, twin girls–all live 16 flight hours away with their parents.  In August, they shall be state side for 7 months and will live here in Denver.

I’ve attempted working on a business from home for the past 1-2 years.  Wanting to be free of my job as a cashier at one of the home improvement stores.  Let me tell you: Standing the whole 8 hour shift, basically in one spot, STINKS!  Also,  I’m at the “official retirement” age, even though I may not look it.  I’m just ready to be my own boss and on my own time.

I can’t deny I’ve had struggles, especially with a full time job.  I’ve learned to schedule time and keep it reserved for working online.  There is a way to work online 2 hours per day and be successful.  One of my coaches who is very successful and he is a doctor who teaches how to keep moving forward while working a full time job.  His tips are so helpful and keeps me on track and moving forward.

With all the searching I’ve done– that one thing I found that stood out from the rest is:   ELITE MARKETING PRO (EMP).   It stands out above all the other offers I had tried.  They offer FREE coaching, and online help 24-7 in any of the communities.  The only thing required to get help is to ASK.  No question is dumb; even when I thought it was, just ask anyway–everyone has been there and we’ve all been through the start and everyone just wants to help.

The motto basically is LEARN, DO, TEACH.  If it’s after office hours or any time of day or night, just ask a question in one of the communities,  even on the EMP Face Book page.  As we learn, we are also able to answer questions–there is always someone just ahead . Members are all over the world, so someone is up at any hour to answer questions.

Thanks for checking out My Blog and about me page.

Pamela Fike

Connect with me here:

EMAIL: pam@pamelafike.com

FACEBOOK:  Pamela Fike

TWITTER:      PamFike@pamfike


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