This is more about me than you who are reading this.  But if the shoe fits you, then get busy.  I am here to assist you; I sincerely mean that.

My journey has been lengthy, which is my own fault.  I’m at present in a coaching program with Dr. Bob Clarke.  He is a part timer in marketing/ coaching, etc.  He is also a baby doctor, who helps couples with infertility.  Dr Bob has shown us how to get things done in 15 minutes, if that’s all the time we have, and that happens occasionally.   But he is also a TOP MARKETER–PART TIME and a top money earner in our company.

I also have a full time job, but things got put off as far as marketing.  This is what I’ve been telling my self for a long time:  “Oh, geez, I’m too tired after work.  I’ll finish this tomorrow.  I’ll work twice as much on my days off  and finish this blog a video tomorrow.”  Yes, I told myself this garbage for too long.  Now, I think where would I be had I stayed consistent daily.  I try not to think about that too much; that time was lost.

Dr. Bob does have a lot of tips for us part timers.  He shows us how to do things in chunks; 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there.  I do this especially if I just have that amount of time.

He shows us how to be more productive with the minimum of time–leveraging our skills and other people’s resources to maximize our results, and finding the right mentors and coaches to reduce our learning curve. Dr Bob’s pillar posts on building a highly popular blog Part Time were top rated. This blog is a Go To Resource for anyone building a business Part Time.

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