We all have habits–good or bad.  They can make or break your life.

Some habits are:  an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Healthy habits  can extend or shorten your life.  Giving of yourself or money is another habit.  But in regards to building a business there are crucial habits we should adopt especially if your business is “on the side”.  This is a brief summary of +DrBobClarke’s article in WHATS WORKING NOW magazine published by Elite Marketing Pro.  He writes an article in each issue just to help those of us who are still working a job.

We don’t think of ourselves as Part Time.  We understand that this is a transition to Full Time. I use to beat myself up worrying about staying up with the full timers–which is totally impossible. I’m in transition–someday, I will be full time.

I understand the value of time.  Sometimes I have 2 hour work days, but not without a plan of action.  I know what I’m going to work on before I sit down to my computer.  It’s all about how I use my time.  I do flub up sometimes–old habits creeping back.  Like today, I had my cell phone on, waiting for a call.  Too many other calls slipped in.

Us part timers have learned that the word PERFECT is another word for broke.  We go ahead and get it done with mistakes, which are able to be fixed quite easily it turns out.  That’s hard to remember, but I’m learning to accept it.

We keep things short–TO DO LISTS especially.  We know our lists will drive our business, or cripple it.  The daily to do list is SHORT.  This way we can accomplish what is on it.  We always ask ourselves: what are the one or two things I can do tomorrow that will give me the best chance of making money?

For part timers comparing ourselves to others who build their business full time we say Poppycock!  Ray Higdon, 6 figure earner–has said on several occasions, “If you’re not getting results in your business Part time, going Full Time won’t help.  The only comparisons that makes sense is to compare your day to your YESTERDAY.

Another way to save time is to leverage the systems to get training, support, coaching, products and affiliate offers to generate income.   We don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  We just borrow someone else’s.  There is a company of people who we can hire when we need to outsource, this especially saves time and prices start at $5.00 to write, create banners, just about anything when I don’t have time–which is so helpful for myself and others.

Join me in my journey and share this information with others.  

This was taken from +Dr. Bob Clarke’s article in November’s  WWN–What’s Working Now, magazine from Elite Marketing Pro.

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Pamela Fike