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This article was written by Dr. Bob Clark, pictured just below with his wife.  He writes an article each month in our “WHAT’S WORKING NOW” (Elite Marketing Pro magazine).  He works part time, as he makes babies for other people invitro.

He has helped me, as I am working my business part time as well.  I work at a Big Box store and have for 15 years.  It is challenging to work 40/week and come home and work on my business. His insights are super, even changing the way I think about both jobs–working for myself is FUN.  He has some statements–I use for myself, also.  Another way to keep on track.  Bob even has a 2 hour work day down.  Just beginning to learn that one.  Anyway,  Please read the article, especially if you are part time in an online business.

Check out Bob’s article in WWN by clicking Part-time Networking below.

in, August 2015, Part-Time Networking

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