After checking on family in Idaho, my travels took me through Ketchum-Sun Valley. It has changed in the over the 20+ years since it was called home. The kids grew up there and everyone loved it.

My travels took me over Galena Summit towards Stanley, following the SAWTOOTHS. If one looked at the mountain range sideways, you’d just about recognize a saw blade. With the Salmon River flowing through Stanley; it was by my side the remainder of the trip.

Once arriving in Salmon, the trip still was 40 miles from the paved road. When arriving at my friends home, it was dark–unable to see your hand in front of your face dark. Judy got a big light to look out back from the deck. Yes, we saw a few elk that night.

Arriving at her home, we went out back and checked to see if some elk were there–we found some with the spot light they use to peek on them.  Yes, we saw a few elk that night. Over the next few days they returned to their pasture to graze.  Every evening at dusk,  the 6 pt bull was there, minding the cows and little ones.  Something about nature, especially with wild game close by, that is fascinating to me.  I could watch from the deck attached to the house.

I did some blog writing while I was there.  The wifi was down most evenings, but I could write some and during the mornings it was up.  I guess it proves you can do marketing anywhere, even if a little challenging.  Oh, no cell phone service out there–all the other conveniences were there.

The way we build a team is unlike the elk.  Listening to the bugeling each night, back and forth between the males, I thought of how he builds his herd (team).  He’s quite pushy and herds the cows and babies and keeps them close, less the other bulls come and steal them away.  Never saw a fight there, but have in Estes Park in Colorado.  It’s fascinating to watch; can be rather loud too.

Thank goodness us marketers aren’t pushy, or shouldn’t be.  We share information and teach others on the how to’s of marketing.  Where to get started and encourage to finish and especially keep going.

This is where I flubbed up.   This trip was relaxing, but the driving time gave me thinking time.  Driving is relaxing to me.  No one telling me what to do, or when, or where to go.   Time to think about what I’ve been doing and not doing–too much NOT DOING!  I realized I was scattered.  Start something, not finish it.   Start again, get stuck, and do something else.

Just thinking about it was frustrating.  On my return trip I started getting my act together and got really focused.  So, I went back to the basics and have finished setting up capture page and whole funnel.  Thanks to #Sebastian, who lives in Canada, helped me one morning while I was in Salmon, Idaho.  Skype is great; we SKYPED for an hour  He walked me through setting up my capture page, which I’m in the process of revising it, will be done today.

So, what’s keeping you from building your marketing business?  

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This article was written by Dr. Bob Clark, pictured just below with his wife.  He writes an article each month in our “WHAT’S WORKING NOW” (Elite Marketing Pro magazine).  He works part time, as he makes babies for other people invitro.

He has helped me, as I am working my business part time as well.  I work at a Big Box store and have for 15 years.  It is challenging to work 40/week and come home and work on my business. His insights are super, even changing the way I think about both jobs–working for myself is FUN.  He has some statements–I use for myself, also.  Another way to keep on track.  Bob even has a 2 hour work day down.  Just beginning to learn that one.  Anyway,  Please read the article, especially if you are part time in an online business.

Check out Bob’s article in WWN by clicking Part-time Networking below.

in, August 2015, Part-Time Networking

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