I have been in Las Vegas since Wednesday, June 17. I return home Monday, June 22. It’s been a fascinating, interesting journey,  yet I struggled a bit the first couple of days.  And that’s okay.

What better place to have struggles than here where I could get the help I needed.  I had a breakthrough–a reset of my thinking, and started getting to work that night. The knowledge I acquired and friends I’ve made all over the world is phenomenal.

The coaching received made the difference–someone looking over my shoulders to make sure I did it correctly. That was so valuable. Questions answered on the spot. It truly made the difference!  Some were helped to get online for the first time, others assistance in Blogging, Face Book, Branding, Traffic, Instagram, Videos, and Voice Broadcasting to name a few.

The training we received left us with NO EXCUSES to get things done.  And that is the name of the working conference, NO EXCUSES 6!  Shoot one could use that in everyday life, now that I think about it!  

This conference/workshop has always been held in Las Vegas  since it’s origin.  If you hop over to my fan page, you will see a few pictures with me and some of the speakers, and especially my mentor Chef Katrina.

If you’re interested, when you click on my offer you’ll see free coaching from me involved.


Pamela Fike                                                                                                                                           P.S.  I’m still in the learning stages, so I’m still not able to add media without it taking an hour.  I say that to show you it’s okay, I’m still moving forward while making progress.