Ignition Coaching: Module 2–Work Less, Live More

Ignition Coaching:  Module 2–Work less, Live More: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle.

Module 2 is full of the fun stuff.  I started putting a plan together to get to my goals FASTER.

Wouldn’t you like a business that you could make money online, from just about anywhere in the World!

I currently do most of my writing at Enchanted Grounds–coffee house and game place–not even a mile from home. Believe it or not, I’m not distracted there, but at home 2 cats like to climb on my computer or want to sit in my lap.  Don’t get much computer work done at home during my days off.  I do want to make money online, so that is where I go .

Any way, getting back to Ignition Coaching.  I’ve learned the importance of setting goals; defining them in detail and making them crystal clear.  Vague goals help to defeat you.  My 5 goals are:

1.  Flying to Central Asia, where my 3 grand kids live and going when I want to–not                         just when I have the money to go.

2.  Send daughter to Ireland–a bit of a story

3.  Get out of Debt

4.  Fire My Boss

5.  Purchase a house–get out of condo!

If you’ve followed my blogging, you’ll notice I moved my goals around.  I needed to have the goal at the top that will motivate me quicker to make money online.  Visiting the GrandKids is the one to motivate me the quickest.

So, once my goals were done.  The staff here has a unique system to calculate how much I need to earn to get to the first goal the quickest.  It has become a fun process.  Oh, my, the stuff I’m learning and being taught by the experts –no other way to do this.

If you get to where you are sick and tired of feeling stuck in your life, like I was, then do something about it, whatever it is, to get unstuck.  I finally did that with                                         Elite Marketing Pro Ignition special.  I had to turn off those inner voices–you know those voices that are negative.  Besides making money online is the way to go!

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