What’s inside April, 2015 issue of WWN?

Inside this issue has:  Dr. Bob Clark-More Money, More time

Before I get started sharing what he says, I want to tell you a little about Dr. Bob Clarke.  He makes babies.  He has an infertility clinic in Florida and he is one busy human being.  He’s also working inside Elite Marketing Pro part time, like so many of us.  So Bob’s been where I am, assisting and helping people to start making money, while having a full time position.

In this month’s ASK THE EXPERT session, Dr. Bob Clarke revealed 7 surprisingly simple strategies that will make you more money and explosively  increase your profitability–all without you having to spend another penny or ANY additional time working your business!

This is a hint of Dr. Bob Clarke’s article in the April issue  of WWN.

  • The #1 mistake employees make when becoming entrepreneurs that will sink your             business before you even get started!
  • The 2 questions every “Part Timer” must ask before spending a single minute on their business (if answered wrong you could be wasting your valuable time with nothing to show for it!)
  • A sneaky time “hack” that will double or even triple your profitability without taking any   extra time from your friends, family, or leisure!
  • Why watching training webinars, buying courses, and checking your email can be downright “hazardous” for your business (and he shows what to do instead)

The biggest shortcut to getting paid that most Part Timers totally miss  (if you are building your business part time, you MUST watch Bob’s  presentation if you want to increase your profitability right away!)

This post was to give you a sampling of what Dr Bob’s articles are about.  Each month he assists us by sharing what he has done.  It’s especially helpful for those of us who still have a 40 hour per week JOB, ugh, don’t even like to think about it.  Having Dr Bob,  as someone in our community to get ideas from for even time management.

For myself, I’m still trying to make time to “Blog” EVERY DAY.  But I’m still progressing and taking an extra day off my JOB once in a while to have some extra time to squeeze in more learning, or getting ahead in Blogging.

Thanks for checking out my Blog!

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Pamela Fike


Get Out Of My Way?

Get Out Of My Way?

This picture illustrates so many things:

  • Leading
  • Following
  • Team Work
  • Keeping on Track

To have leaders, there must be followers.  In Internet Marketing we work together, helping each other.  Any new contact progresses, like the elephant as it grows.

The same with Internet Marketing, we grow as we learn and put in to practice what we learn.  As for team work, we are all one BIG team assisting each other and going through the Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) website.  Small teams make up the BIG team.

As for keeping on track,  every now and then there are gentle nudges to keep going, whether it’s a webinar, hangout, a Live Event, or a coach!.

So give EMP a try–nothing to lose and an enormous amount to gain.  It’s FREE

Take a look at:         http://pgfike13.elitemarketingpro.com/alts/b

Thanks for checking out my blog, and always here to help.

Pamela Fike