Take Action – Just Do It

Take Action – Just Do It

Two nights ago I posted my first blog!  It’s exciting!  Yes, it’s not perfect–needs some more work.  But that is what it’s all about.  Just keep moving forward and as I  get better, which I will.  Yes my punctuation is probably off, but again, taking action is the key.  I’m in the middle of getting better at blogging, which is an important tool. It doesn’t have to be short or long; it is what it is.

I made a list of 5 VIP goals:






But you see, when I was asked what would drive me to go after these goals it wasn’t FIRE MY BOSS.  Yes, I want to quit my job and do this full time, but  I just wasn’t motivated like I am now.

You see I switched TRAVEL TO KZ AND EUROPE to number one.  And why was that?  Sure I want to make enough money to FIRE MY BOSS, but it didn’t grab me–no emotional attachment.  So  when Chef Katrina asked those words: “yes these are your goals, but what is it that will drive you?”

Now you’re probably wondering why would I want number one to be TRAVEL TO KAZAKHSTAN AND EUROPE.  Well, I have a son, daughter in law, and my three grandkids  living there.

I’ve only been able to visit when I could afford to travel there.   It is a beautiful country, from the cities to the villages.  That is what is driving me to move forward.  And I am getting there, slowly but surely.  I’ll be visiting them this year before the cold returns.

Another reason it’s easier to move forward is the assistance we get from the founders, coaches, and communities we have on line.  A posted question in a Google community gets answered by anyone in the communities in Google that has the answer.  There’s no competition, no time limit.  Just get the work done and you’ll get there, like I will.

To Get Started or to Just Check EMP out,  Click on the Link Below–no obligation.  


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Pamela Fike



Make Extra Money – Fire Your Boss and Make More Money for Retirement

Today I’m sharing why I joined Elite Marketing Pro (EMP).  Shortly after joining, I discovered they were  hosting a 60 day Fast Start Challenge.   It was a way to learn their system quickly with all the assistance  you would ever need to get started.

Each week we’ve had a different  “action assignment”:  social media, blogging, creating videos, capture pages, sales funnels, and more.  We also got to learn from the experts here at EMP, which includes our coaches,  Chef Katrina and Chef Doug.

I work 40 hours per week and work on EMP in the evenings and my days off; won’t be doing both forever!  For the present, I wouldn’t trade it for the world–won’t let myself give up.  If life gets in the way, I jump back into it and I just keep pushing myself to keep going.  And I’m finally learning the how to’s.

Being new to this type of business–online, I’ve had a lot to consume and  continue to do so.   Like Chef Katrina says: “It’s a marathon, not race!”. She is so right–took a while to sink in.

Our community in the training has been so helpful; all working towards earning more money for a variety of reasons.  Most of us (153)  still communicate within the community where we can chat and cheer each other on still.

I’ve tried so many offers to make money over the past few years and you know what, those other offers didn’t follow through with their promises and I made ZERO $.

I joined the 60 Day Challenge to:

  •         Finally get a business online and making money
  •         I needed accountability while gaining knowledge!
  •         Replace my income and quit my job
  •         Assist others to  earn extra money for retirement
  •         Assist others  to reach their goals, to make money for the first time online

To get started or just check EMP out, click on the link below–no obligation:

Elite Marketing Pro

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Pamela Fike