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I have come to realize that I have become very good at making money. I had this knack for most of my life but lost it for awhile but have since found it. I had a few people ask me how we hit the Inc 5000 list this year and it made me think that some of these steps people needed to hear so here you go!

1. Spend more time prospecting than thinking or speaking negatively. Sounds simple right, but do you do it? I know most network marketers spend less than an hour a day actually prospecting but spend 4-5 hours a day comparing themselves to others negatively, complaining about their situation or fighting with attempting to learn technology. When I first got serious about creating success in network marketing I went from $0 to $10,000 a month in five months by getting 20 no’s a day in my prospecting. Every time I thought about how crappy my situation was, as I was in foreclosure at the time, I HAD to pick up the phone.

2.  Get to events. IF you are trying to make a lot of money in your business without going to events, unless you are superman or superwoman, I would venture to say that it will never happen. Big decisions are made at events AND you get your belief muscle pumped by seeing others that are creating success.

3.  Be grateful for your upline. They introduced you to the opportunity you are in and now it is up to YOU to do something about it. The faster you can stop wishing for your upline to be any different, the faster you can get on with it and start making money

4. When it comes to team motivation, know that the best thing you can do for your team is show them what you wish they would do. It should be tough to beat you in prospecting and recruiting numbers, be the example. Show them the way vs. try to tell them the way.

5.  Combine improving your skills with the increase in prospecting. The simplest way to make more money in network marketing is to show more people the plan (via meetings, videos, etc) however, if you also work on your skills at the same time to get better at closing and recruiting, your results will show up 2-3 times faster. IF you can make it, highly suggest getting to our event in September on prospecting or recruiting OR if you cannot make it, you may want to check out our most popular recruiting course.

6. Figure out your real purpose for all of this. It is a lot easier on the mind to just be in a job and make just enough to pay your bills or adjust your dreams accordingly, why the heck are you doing this and what is the point? Figuring out the true vision of who you want to become is THE key to being consistent. When you catch your vision, nothing can stop you and obstacles that previously might have held you back will seem like child’s play. This training on vision has helped a lot of people

7. Despite the title of this blog post, embrace the fact that to make a lot of money, it may not happen quickly. In Network Marketing I see a LOT of people that are going broke trying to get rich quick. Stop it. Your income will be determined by how many people you impact, how much value you bring to the marketplace and how many problems you help solve. None of those virtuous acts are cheap or happen magically, they happen with work and YOU have what it takes to make it happen and to create the life of your dreams.

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This is more about me than you who are reading this.  But if the shoe fits you, then get busy.  I am here to assist you; I sincerely mean that.

My journey has been lengthy, which is my own fault.  I’m at present in a coaching program with Dr. Bob Clarke.  He is a part timer in marketing/ coaching, etc.  He is also a baby doctor, who helps couples with infertility.  Dr Bob has shown us how to get things done in 15 minutes, if that’s all the time we have, and that happens occasionally.   But he is also a TOP MARKETER–PART TIME and a top money earner in our company.

I also have a full time job, but things got put off as far as marketing.  This is what I’ve been telling my self for a long time:  “Oh, geez, I’m too tired after work.  I’ll finish this tomorrow.  I’ll work twice as much on my days off  and finish this blog later..do a video tomorrow.”  Yes, I told myself this garbage for too long.  Now, I think where would I be had I stayed consistent daily.  I try not to think about that too much; that time was lost.

Dr. Bob does have a lot of tips for us part timers.  He shows us how to do things in chunks; 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there.  I do this especially if I just have that amount of time.

He shows us how to be more productive with the minimum of time–leveraging our skills and other people’s resources to maximize our results, and finding the right mentors and coaches to reduce our learning curve. Dr Bob’s pillar posts on building a highly popular blog Part Time were top rated. This blog is a Go To Resource for anyone building a business Part Time.

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Attraction Marketing And Building Your Home Business

Attraction Marketing And Building Your Home Business–written by Ray Higdon, Blogger.

What is attraction marketing and how can it help you build your home business?

Today I share how we have used attraction marketing and how to apply it in your world.

Basically it’s where you are leading with value. You’re offering something before someone commits to you or buys from you.

It’s something that we’ve used for the last six years, so I’m a huge fan of attraction marketing, a huge fan of education marketing. A phrase that I use all the time is, Jason Fried wrote a book called Regrow, and he says, “Out-teach your competition.” See everyone wants to crush their competition and outsell their competition. Guess what? You can outsell your competition by out-teaching them. Out-teach. It’s such a foreign concept.

When I talk about attraction marketing people always ask me, “Ray, when do I pitch my business? When do I pitch my business?”

Instead of thinking that way, build an audience, build a following, build a tribe. Then anything you mention will sell. You don’t have to pitch anything. I don’t get on any webinar or any call and hard pitch anybody because we’ve led with value for so many years that when we offer anything, we sell it. We really do.

Put things out there that would attract people to you. Instead of talking about the latest, greatest weight loss shake and why they should buy your weight loss shake, talk about tips that would help someone lose weight, that would attract the perfect person that might be interested in your weight loss shake, but GIVE them VALUE.

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                             Do you need traffic to your website?
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I’m sure if you’ve been trying to build your business online you know…
Nothing is more important than getting high quality traffic to your site so you can get more leads.
and make more sales.
So Wednesday evening, Tim Irway, my mentor,  will be doing the training.
Have you ever wondered-
-Can I really just 10 minutes a day, set up simple ads that get me leads and make me sales?
-How do I put my m.oney into the right kind of paid traffic without the fear of losing money?
-How do I easily find my perfect customers online without it costing me an arm and a leg?
-Can I really get leads and make m.oney from a 10 dollar daily budget?
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We all have habits–good or bad.  They can make or break your life.

Some habits are:  an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Healthy habits  can extend or shorten your life.  Giving of yourself or money is another habit.  But in regards to building a business there are crucial habits we should adopt especially if your business is “on the side”.  This is a brief summary of +DrBobClarke’s article in WHATS WORKING NOW magazine published by Elite Marketing Pro.  He writes an article in each issue just to help those of us who are still working a job.

We don’t think of ourselves as Part Time.  We understand that this is a transition to Full Time. I use to beat myself up worrying about staying up with the full timers–which is totally impossible. I’m in transition–someday, I will be full time.

I understand the value of time.  Sometimes I have 2 hour work days, but not without a plan of action.  I know what I’m going to work on before I sit down to my computer.  It’s all about how I use my time.  I do flub up sometimes–old habits creeping back.  Like today, I had my cell phone on, waiting for a call.  Too many other calls slipped in.

Us part timers have learned that the word PERFECT is another word for broke.  We go ahead and get it done with mistakes, which are able to be fixed quite easily it turns out.  That’s hard to remember, but I’m learning to accept it.

We keep things short–TO DO LISTS especially.  We know our lists will drive our business, or cripple it.  The daily to do list is SHORT.  This way we can accomplish what is on it.  We always ask ourselves: what are the one or two things I can do tomorrow that will give me the best chance of making money?

For part timers comparing ourselves to others who build their business full time we say Poppycock!  Ray Higdon, 6 figure earner–has said on several occasions, “If you’re not getting results in your business Part time, going Full Time won’t help.  The only comparisons that makes sense is to compare your day to your YESTERDAY.

Another way to save time is to leverage the systems to get training, support, coaching, products and affiliate offers to generate income.   We don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  We just borrow someone else’s.  There is a company of people who we can hire when we need to outsource, this especially saves time and prices start at $5.00 to write, create banners, just about anything when I don’t have time–which is so helpful for myself and others.

Join me in my journey and share this information with others.  

This was taken from +Dr. Bob Clarke’s article in November’s  WWN–What’s Working Now, magazine from Elite Marketing Pro.

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After checking on family in Idaho, my travels took me through Ketchum-Sun Valley. It has changed in the over the 20+ years since it was called home. The kids grew up there and everyone loved it.

My travels took me over Galena Summit towards Stanley, following the SAWTOOTHS. If one looked at the mountain range sideways, you’d just about recognize a saw blade. With the Salmon River flowing through Stanley; it was by my side the remainder of the trip.

Once arriving in Salmon, the trip still was 40 miles from the paved road. When arriving at my friends home, it was dark–unable to see your hand in front of your face dark. Judy got a big light to look out back from the deck. Yes, we saw a few elk that night.

Arriving at her home, we went out back and checked to see if some elk were there–we found some with the spot light they use to peek on them.  Yes, we saw a few elk that night. Over the next few days they returned to their pasture to graze.  Every evening at dusk,  the 6 pt bull was there, minding the cows and little ones.  Something about nature, especially with wild game close by, that is fascinating to me.  I could watch from the deck attached to the house.

I did some blog writing while I was there.  The wifi was down most evenings, but I could write some and during the mornings it was up.  I guess it proves you can do marketing anywhere, even if a little challenging.  Oh, no cell phone service out there–all the other conveniences were there.

The way we build a team is unlike the elk.  Listening to the bugeling each night, back and forth between the males, I thought of how he builds his herd (team).  He’s quite pushy and herds the cows and babies and keeps them close, less the other bulls come and steal them away.  Never saw a fight there, but have in Estes Park in Colorado.  It’s fascinating to watch; can be rather loud too.

Thank goodness us marketers aren’t pushy, or shouldn’t be.  We share information and teach others on the how to’s of marketing.  Where to get started and encourage to finish and especially keep going.

This is where I flubbed up.   This trip was relaxing, but the driving time gave me thinking time.  Driving is relaxing to me.  No one telling me what to do, or when, or where to go.   Time to think about what I’ve been doing and not doing–too much NOT DOING!  I realized I was scattered.  Start something, not finish it.   Start again, get stuck, and do something else.

Just thinking about it was frustrating.  On my return trip I started getting my act together and got really focused.  So, I went back to the basics and have finished setting up capture page and whole funnel.  Thanks to #Sebastian, who lives in Canada, helped me one morning while I was in Salmon, Idaho.  Skype is great; we SKYPED for an hour  He walked me through setting up my capture page, which I’m in the process of revising it, will be done today.

So, what’s keeping you from building your marketing business?  

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This article was written by Dr. Bob Clark, pictured just below with his wife.  He writes an article each month in our “WHAT’S WORKING NOW” (Elite Marketing Pro magazine).  He works part time, as he makes babies for other people invitro.

He has helped me, as I am working my business part time as well.  I work at a Big Box store and have for 15 years.  It is challenging to work 40/week and come home and work on my business. His insights are super, even changing the way I think about both jobs–working for myself is FUN.  He has some statements–I use for myself, also.  Another way to keep on track.  Bob even has a 2 hour work day down.  Just beginning to learn that one.  Anyway,  Please read the article, especially if you are part time in an online business.

Check out Bob’s article in WWN by clicking Part-time Networking below.

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Going back to our–yours and mine–motivation for starting a business is FREEDOM. Especially after 2008’s Economic Crash, where millions of people woke up to find their retirements cut in half or wiped out totally.

More and more people started searching the internet for alternative ways of earning money. I’m so tired of the 40 hr per week grind, being told what to do and when to do it. 15+ years at the same job.  I started searching for options, wanting more control of my life, wanting security.

I started searching, for ways to make money.  Some not so good, some so-so, but it took a few years of searching and trying different businesses.. you know checking out all the shiny objects that were tempting.  And those shiny objects got me more times than not!

Is this one of the first questions…

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Going back to our–yours and mine–motivation for starting a business is FREEDOM. Especially after 2008’s Economic Crash, where millions of people woke up to find their retirements cut in half or wiped out totally.

More and more people started searching the internet for alternative ways of earning money. I’m so tired of the 40 hr per week grind, being told what to do and when to do it. 15+ years at the same job.  I started searching for options, wanting more control of my life, wanting security.

I started searching, for ways to make money.  Some not so good, some so-so, but it took a few years of searching and trying different businesses.. you know checking out all the shiny objects that were tempting.  And those shiny objects got me more times than not!

Is this one of the first questions you ask–Can I make money with this?  Jumping from shiny object to shiny object, yes, me too.  The more I bought, the more confused I was.   I needed a strategy.   The answer to overwhelm, confusion, and frustration is not more, but less! Wouldn’t you like to start making progress and stop searching for a way to make money online?

I’ve been through the Ignition Coaching Program here in Elite Marketing Pro.  Reviewing it again to write this review of the coaching program to give you a glimpse of the Ignition Coaching Program.

The universal law of success is this:  “Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.  In this Module they took me through S.M.A.R.T GOALS.  The coaches in here will take you through those goals and break them down so you will know how much you need to earn to reach those goals and how to do it–with you choosing the right tool for yourself.

Strategy is so important to succeed.  No luck is involved here.  There are Marketing Pros and Opportunity Junkies.  They think totally different.  The Junkie just keeps searching for a way to make money online without really trying the product.  I know, I’ve been there and done that. The day I joined EMP, I knew I’d found the one that would assist me in meeting my goals.  And I thank God for that!

Well this is the end of my preview of Module 4.  So check out the IGNITION COACHING PROGRAM and finally see for yourself.  There are top coaches in there to help with any questions and I also may be able to help with.  The thing is we Learn, Do, and Teach!


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